Yamato Awa Odori

The Yamato Awa Odori dance festival in Kanagawa was held on July 25-26, 2009.

Yamato021 Yamato024

Several streets in the area were blocked off from traffic.

Yamato005 Yamato011

Awa Odori’s popularity has spread through Japan and is now a standard feature of summer festivals throughout the country.

Yamato003 Yamato012

There was also an Awa Odori parade In my previous post about the Kagurazaka Matsuri.

Yamato015 Yamato018

Approximately 4,000 people participated in this large-scale dance performance along the shopping streets near Yamato Station.

Yamato009 Yamato001

As usual in most Japanese festivals, men, women and children of all ages participated and wore colorful yukatas and happi coats.

Yamato013 Yamato016

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