Ueno Natsu Matsuri Parade

The Ueno Natsu Matsuri or Ueno Summer Festival, around Shinobazu Pond, was held on July 11 to August 2, 2009.  A variety of events and stage performances are scheduled during this three-week festival, such as paper lantern floating, yukata photo session, ice sculpture presentation, potted plant fair and more.

Ueno001 Ueno003

One of the highlights of the festival was the very popular parade of Japanese folk dances held along the very wide Ueno Chuo-dori Avenue.

Ueno005 Ueno006

The parade lasted over 2 1/2 hours and featured a wide variety of participants including marching bands ..


… and dancing maids.


How about Samba dancers you ask?  Well, this parade has it – FTW!


Of course, there were lots of Japanese folk dancers in more traditional wear.



Music is important in any parade and there were lots of Japanese drummers in colorful costumes.



Some musicians preferred to ride in style instead.

Ueno020 Ueno026

There were also a few floats …

Ueno016 Ueno017

… and animals, such as panda bears and even a lion.

Ueno019 Ueno030

A mikoshi (portable shrine) was carried  by the towns people at the end of the parade.


Finally, some of the participants performed at the nearby Bentendo hall after the parade.

Ueno033 Ueno034

More videos can be found on my YouTube page.

8 thoughts on “Ueno Natsu Matsuri Parade

    • Yes, we did attend this festival but only to see the parade just outside the Ueno station. I think the ice sculptures was held on another day so we didn’t see it.

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