Bottled Water from Canada

Just got this bottled water from a vending machine in Tokyo called “Icefield” from Canada (apparently, according to the label with a flag as well).  Supposedly it is natural glacial water, and it tasted like … well, water!


Yup, Canada is called the Great White North so it must be very cold all year round and covered with ice and glaciers.  And both Elvis and Michael Jackson are alive and living in Canada.


5 thoughts on “Bottled Water from Canada

  1. I laugh when bottled water has a name like ‘Glacier’ or ‘Icefield’. I guess they have never seen a glacier in person or the water coming from it. Glacier water is a milky colored water full of the crushed obliterated rock being ground up deep under the glacier. It’s not some pure crystal clear water. Probably nothing wrong with the water though, no pesticides or other junk, but still, I wouldn’t want to drink it.

    • Maybe a good (or bad depending on your point of view) marketing ploy … I guess glacier or icefield evoke the image of very cold water (though not necessarily clear).

  2. Tornadoes28 – that’s why you have to decant the glacier water first and let it “breathe” for an hour or so. Pour gently into the glass and don’t shake the decanter. Goes great with fetid cheese and saltines.

    Bartman905 – no way is Elvis living in Canada. He’s in kabukicho. I just saw him last week and he still does an awesome set. Just don’t get too close to the stage – his dentures fly out during “Hound Dog” and then he just drools all over the first two rows. Seems to be part of the act since it draws big crowds every night, according to the promoter. Says that Elvis works for peanuts. And fried bananas.

    At least you guys get a good rep for marketing “healthy” water. Have you seen the images they put on “American Coffee”?

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