30th Anniversary Gundam

A life size model of the Gundam robot stands near the Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo, on the man-made peninsula of Odaiba.


With white limbs and a blue, yellow and red torso, the giant robot is based on the original RX-78-2 series model, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary.



Made of fiberglass and steel, the 18 meter armored figure weighs about 35 tons.



This project was sponsored by the Green Tokyo to raise funds for the Tokyo government’s push for a more environmentally friendly future.



Organizers were expecting 1.5 million visitors to arrive at Shiokaze Park from July 11 to August 31, 2009 (free of charge), but so far, only after 10 days, there have already been 700,000 people who have visited the site.



I posted the video on YouTube, watch until the end to see the head open up!  Is this the coolest or what?

Finally, a few close-ups …

Gundam012 Gundam016

Gundam013 Gundam015

Gundam009 Gundam014

15 thoughts on “30th Anniversary Gundam

    • > Did your son like it?

      Not sure, all he wanted to do was go to the Toys R Us in the nearby mall (forgot its name). He didn’t like the large crowd.

      > Did you see the “world’s smallest Gundam”?

      No, I haven’t. Guess I’ll have to buy some Cup Noodles then (which we normally don’t).

    • Good question. I think it is going to lift-off :-). Actually, I don’t know really, though I remember reading somewhere that there was a petition to keep it there longer (or permanently).

      • Immediately after I posted my question, I read in the Japan Times that the plan is to dismantle it, but there’s no plan for what to do with it after that.

        I suggest reassembling the Gundam in Yoyogi Park and turning it into a capsule hotel for the homeless.

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