Mitama Matsuri

The Mitama Matsuri (also known as the Soul Festival) was held at the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo from July 13-16, 2008.

Mitama009 Mitama012

This festival is famous for its thousands of lighted lanterns.

Mitama007 Mitama008

A very large festival, it attracts a big crowd every year.

Mitama019 Mitama006

Mikoshis (portable shrines) were enthusiastically carried by the local towns people in colorful happi coats.

Mitama001 Mitama013

Bon odori dancing was held in the evening.

Mitama020 Mitama021

The haunted house was a very popular attraction.

Mitama025 Mitama026

As with most Japanese festivals, there were plenty of stall games such as fish scooping …

Mitama022 Mitama029

… and of course, lots of food and drink stalls, with many people enjoying traditional food and consuming mass quantities of beer.

Mitama028 Mitama030

See also TokyoFive’s blog post about this event.


7 thoughts on “Mitama Matsuri

  1. Thanks for the link again.

    Did you see the Nebuta floats?

    At the Mitama Festival it’s a rare chance to see them in Tokyo every year.

    Nebuta is a famous Aomori Pref. event.

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