Green Tea Coke

Based on a comment by Katie in my recent blog post about Pepsi Shiso, I thought I would try Green Tea Coke as well, since I like green tea ice cream – how bad can it be?



0 calorie so it is equivalent to Diet Coke.  Unlike Pepsi Shiso, the color of the drink is not green, but the same color as normal cola.  Well, it actually tastes like regular Coke, really didn’t taste any green tea.  The whole family all had a sip and we all like it, a refreshing drink especially now that it is so hot in Japan in the summer time.


21 thoughts on “Green Tea Coke

  1. Green tea IS hot (pun intended!) There’s alot of it being sold here, too. Also, more tea shops (as opposed to coffee shops) are opening in Toronto. Perhaps we’ll see these colas next.

  2. It looks very tempting! Unfortunately I don’t think our J-town supermarket in Toronto will carry such refreshing drink. Hope the Green Tea Coke will still be avail. next time when I visit Japan 🙂

    • Thanks for commenting. We didn’t like Pepsi Shiso. I normally don’t drink (or like) diet cola, but Green Tea Coke seemed to taste better than Diet Coke – actually, I don’t even remember the last time I drank Diet Coke.

  3. Glad you tried it! I think it has a little bit of a different taste and a good after taste. It didn’t taste as “diety” to me.

    I stock piled some for my husband, but threw one in the fridge a few minutes ago…going to have to swing by Family Mart and get some more…not sure how much longer it’ll be available!

    • Thanks for commenting Katie. We agree that it didn’t taste “diety”. Wow, you guys sure like your colas 🙂 There are so many drinks in Japan, it’s hard to choose!

  4. Bartman, I’ve been searching for it over the last few days and can’t find it anywhere. I’ve got four bottles left though! I haven’t seen the Pepsi Shiso either, so maybe they’re not going to be available any longer? Actually, I did get a bottle of Pepsi Shiso about a week ago but haven’t seen it since.

  5. Just because their have been tons of scientific research proving the health benefits of green tea – drink makers everywhere are slapping green tea on the label.

    Even for the small spec of green tea that exists in these many drinks, between the quality and age of the green tea any health benefits are non existent.

    If you are just going for taste, fine, that doesn’t mean it is good for you.

    If you truly want to receive the health benefits of green tea, do a little research.


    • Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.

      Yes, I am sure there are many varieties of tea and green tea. And there probably isn’t any real green tea in Green Tea Coke, just artificial flavoring.

      • >…just artificial flavoring.

        Actually, the label says “Green Tea flavored Coke Plus” and that it “Contains Catechins”…which are a compound of tea that is good for people’s health .

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