Aoyama Fashion Street

After the Aoyama Gujo Odori, my wife and I walked to short distance to the Aoyama Fashion Street.


There are several very unique and interesting designer store buildings in the area.  The most striking is the Prada Boutique Aoyama, with its glass structure designed by Swiss architect duo, Herzog & de Meuron in 2003.


Next to Prada Aoyama is Cartier, designed by Jun Mitsui and Associates and completed in 2002.


Beside Cartier is another unique building (Chloe).


A few other, more conventional buildings in the same area …

Aoyama006 Aoyama013

The Ao Building, a newly opened retail and dining complex, makes quite an architectural statement designed by Sakakura Associates, and just recently completed on March 2009.


And finally, an old YouTube video about fashion shopping in Aoyama …

6 thoughts on “Aoyama Fashion Street

  1. Is this around Ginza? Looks like.. I can somehow remember Cartier building there… Did not know the name of the street though.

    • No, this is near the Omotesando area (another high end fashion district).

      Yes, there is indeed a distinct Cartier building in Ginza (I have a picture of it, I should do a similar blog post for Ginza one of these days), on the main street. There are also several interesting designer fashion buildings in Ginza (my wife and I were just there last weekend actually).

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