Pepsi Shiso

Japan is certainly an interesting place to live.  For example, you will find many different and unique types of flavorings in various food products such as chocolates (Kit Kat), potato chips, snacks and drinks.

With fellow Japan bloggers TokyoFive and BusanKevin (also others listed recently in JapanProbe) trying out the new Pepsi Shiso (just available only a week ago in Tokyo), I thought I would also give it a try to find out what the commotion was all about.


According to Wikipedia, the Japanese name for perilla is shiso (紫蘇), a green leafy herb often eaten with sashimi or cut into thin strips in salads, spaghetti, and meat and fish dishes.  Interesting, but what about as a drink?



First problem, it’s green!  Well, it doesn’t taste like cola or any Pepsi I have tasted at all.  It tastes like a minty herbal drink.  Everyone in the family had a sip, and it was a unanimous thumbs down 😦


14 thoughts on “Pepsi Shiso

  1. I like Shiso, but I didn’t enjoy this drink either.
    But it tasted just as I expected it to.

    I’m not much of a cola drinker…especially herb-flavored cola! 😉

  2. Interesting: it looks more like Mountain Dew than Pepsi! I guess Pepsi has the stronger brand name, though.

    Also interesting is that the new Pepsi branding doesn’t seem to have hit Japan yet. I guess it will come later.

    I am a big pepsi fan, but not all their brands succeeed. Indeed, I think alot of them die (Vanilla Pepsi anyone). One of my favourite brands of Pepsi was the original Pepsi Max. It had 1/3 of the calories of Pepsi, but tasted more like Pepsi than Diet Pepsi. They even had the Seinfeld cast advertise for it. But it still died. But now it is back, with 0 calories, more caffeine and ginseng! Weird. But true!

    • True, Mountain Dew is greenish in color, but I would call that cola, but not Pepsi Shiso.

      I’m not a fan of Pepsi, but apparently (according to Japanese Kat), there have been several special Pepsi flavors (not really brands like Pepsi Max or Diet Pepsi) for the past few years including Pepsi Red, Pepsi Gold, Pepsi Ice Cucumber, Pepsi Blue Hawaii, Pepsi White – hmm, I think they have all the colors covered 🙂

  3. I loved it! Last summer I got the Blue Hawaii and in the winter bought Pepsi White, it was yogurt flavored.

    Did you like this or the Green Tea Coca Cola better?

    • @Katie, thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.

      I actually didn’t like this much and haven’t trip the Green Tea Coke, but I suspect I wouldn’t like it as I like my green tea hot, not cold.

      Too bad I missed Pepsi White because I love yogurt flavored drinks, I drink Calpis Water all the time (my favorite drink in Japan).

      I’ll check out your blog as well – interesting name “Pass the Chopsticks”, love it!

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