Design Festa Vol 29

Design Festa Vol 29 was held on May 16-17, 2009 at the Tokyo Big Sight in Odaiba, Japan.  One day entrance fee was 1,000 yen (about $10).

DesignFesta00 DesignFesta16

Design Festa is a biannual international art event first held in 1994.  It is open to all artists from all over the world to exhibit their creative talent in Tokyo.

DesignFesta04 DesignFesta15

8,500 artists working in a variety of mediums were present, turning the two day event into artistic chaos and eccentricity!

DesignFesta09 DesignFesta11

With over 2,600 booths, an outdoor live-show stage, an indoor stage and a mini-theater Space, there were a lot to see and something for everyone, for every taste.

DesignFesta17 DesignFesta36

Below are several YouTube videos of the performances in the indoor stage by Miyuki Mori Flamenco Studio, Usagi and Buyoukoujyou displaying the wide variety of the shows.


5 thoughts on “Design Festa Vol 29

  1. I went to a couple of the Design Festa events in Harajuku last Fall, and they seemed so silly and pretentious that I didn’t bother trying to go this time. And I’m getting tired of making the ride out to Big Sight, since it can take about 90 minutes one-way from my apartment. I guess I’m just not a big fan of “Art”. Glad you enjoyed yourself at this one, though.

    • Actually, I am not a big art fan either – I just wanted to see this event at least once (not sure if I would go back again). You gotta try everything once!

      I did enjoy the performances (especially the taiko drummers).

      • “You gotta try everything once! ”

        Heh. I wrote a blog article about this back a few months ago, where I got into “pruning”. There are just so many things going on in Tokyo that’s impossible to visit all of them. So, you’ve got to prune those that aren’t as appealing and focus more on those that are. When I first got here, I went to all kinds of events and places because they were new to me. Now, I’m consciously choosing to not go to certain ones in order to concentrate on the things that I do like. Such as the Maid Cafe I went to yesterday… 😉

        • You have a point … I guess I am still new here so I am going to all kinds of event and places. Also, we know we have a limited time here as well – I am here on a 2 year assignment only so I am making the most of the time here.

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