Koenji Daidogei

During Golden Week in Japan, a street performers festival was held in Koenji, an artsy suburb in Tokyo, just west of Shinjuku on May 2-3, 2009.  Most of the performers were Japanese, but a few hailed from France, China and Great Britain.

Koenji10000 Koenji10008

The Koenji Daidogei featured many different types of acts performed on various locations, right in the streets of Koenji.

Koenji10004 Koenji10002

One of the most popular acts were acrobats, who dazzled the audience with their daring moves.

Koenji10014  Koenji10021

A couple of acts were performed on stilts showing great balance.

Koenji10017  Koenji10023

There were talented artists who drew on the pavement, and several musical acts were very entertaining.

Koenji10028 Koenji10026

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