What’s in My Fridge?

What’s in my fridge?  You guess it … Biiru!


For some reason, I have several brands of beer in my fridge.  My favorite beer is Guinness and I just picked up Kirin’s Stout beer from the supermarket – haven’t tried it yet.  My two favorite Japanese beers are Yebusi Premium and Asahi Dry.

See TokyoFive’s blog post about Japanese beer and his love for beer.  Also read Eric In Sendai for numerous blog postings (too many to list here) on Japanese beer reviews.  Check it out – but not when you are thirsty 🙂


6 thoughts on “What’s in My Fridge?

    • You’re welcome. No, I haven’t tried Orion. Now that I think of it, I really have only tried the most famous or popular Japanese beer brands – I haven’t tried the smaller brands (in North America, we call them “micro-breweries”).

  1. My wife’s preference is for Kirin Ichiban, so that’s what I usually end up drinking, although lately she’s discovered The Malts, which she may start buying more often. Personally, I like the Rogue beers from Oregon, while Texas’ Shiner Bock was a good standby when I was living there. For Japanese beers, there’s not that much difference to me. Although, I’m hoping to set up a reservation in the next week or so at the Suntory brewery in Fuchu, and then sample what they have there at the end of the tour… I’m hoping for a nomihodai.

    I could go for a good microbrew right now. However, I’ll just be settling for a shot of Torys whiskey tonight before I go to bed.

  2. You’ve got some good choices there. I once went to a “all you can drink” party and the had the Kirin stout on the menu. It was so delicious that we drank every single one they had at the bar.

    • Yes, love those Izakaya restaurants. I have tried Kirin Stout and like it – I think I’ll start buying this instead of Guiness while I am in Japan.

      Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.

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