Swine flu activities in Japan

I am sure everyone has heard the news by now of the swine flu global pandemic.  So what is happening in Japan?  No confirmed cases yet, but one recent suspected case, a 17 year old Japanese student returning from a visit from BC, Canada, which turned out negative. 

Many news stories recently:

A quarantine officer prepares a thermographic camera to inspect passengers inside a plane that arrived from Mexico at Narita airport on Wednesday, picture courtesy of Reuters (Issei Kato).



5 thoughts on “Swine flu activities in Japan

  1. I think the media is inducing a little bit of a global panic about the virus. The funny thing is the jump in mask sales. I heard the virus germs are so small they go right through the masks.

    • Yes, certainly the media has an influence in many events in Japan and around the world.

      Not sure if you are following other countries (ie. Canada), but it is interesting how each country responds (differently) to this pandemic.

      I think Japan is one of those countries who really takes this very seriously – especially, when no one yet is confirmed to be infected and the virus originated on the other side of the world.

      • Maybe too seriously. The kids at my school are already borderline germaphobes. I’m sure this going around will make their parents even more germ crazy.

  2. Yeah, I watched NHK news from Canada, Japan is very serious about it. Scanning everyone in the aircraft waiting for broading. People are wearing masks everywhere. On the contrary, even Canada has so many confirmed cases, it seems nothing to Canadian so far. I didn’t see people wearing masks at all when I was taking subway to downtown for night course every week. No quarantine policy on people coming back from Mexico. Quite different from last time when SARS happened. I think because no death has been reported so far in Canada. And our government is treating this as a regular flu, even though we Canada annouced that we had the first case of spreading H1N1 back to pig!

    • Hey Otto, nice to hear from you – thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. Yes, this one of the reasons I wrote this blog entry as we noticed the difference in activities between different countries, especially between Canada and Japan.

      Hope all is well with you and your family.

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