Kusajishi Archery

On April 18, 2009, a Kusajishi (Grass Deer Target) and Yabusame archery events was held near Sensoji Temple in Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan.

Kusajishi1 Kusajishi2

The basic system of archery training was developed during the Heian period.  Male offspring of samurai were given a bamboo grass horse and a bow to shoot at the grass deer target (kusajishi), the large target (omato), and the round target (marumono).  When these archers became older they started to learn how to shoot arrows while riding a horse running at full speed (yabusame – next post).

Kusajishi3 Kusajishi4

The Kusajishi team at Sensoji temple consists of five persons.  First four archers shoot two arrows respectively and an archer gets one point if he or she successfully hits the white circle marked on the target deer.  Then the team leader shoots two arrows and each hit gets two points.  If an archer fails to perform the game in accordance with the stipulated procedures will result in a disqualification.

Kusajishi5 Kusajishi6

The bow was worshipped from the ancient times as the god of war and protector of families.  The ceremonial use of the bow and arrow developed almost simultaneously with the military use.  The ceremonial archery is used during various Buddhist and Shinto rituals, usually with a whistling arrow (kaburaya, hikime) to cleanse the area of spirits.

Kusajishi7 Kusajishi8

Plucking of the bowstring and the flight of screaming arrows welcome each of the Emperor’s new-born children and dispel evil spirits or disease.  A precious bow is awarded to the victorious sumo wrestler who performs a ceremonial dance with the bow.

Kusajishi9 Kusajishi10

To be continued … Yabusame archery.


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