Summer Movies

Two upcoming movies that I want to watch are the new Star Trek and Angels and Demons movies.

Sony Pictures Angels and Demons starring Tom Hanks (playing the same role in Da Vinci Code) is opening in Japan on May 15, coinciding with its worldwide release (which is unusual).  The Japanese movie poster is shown below.

Angels&Demons movie poster

The new Star Trek movie by Paramount is opening in Japan on May 29 (worldwide opening is May 7).  The Japanese movie poster is shown below.

Star Trek movie poster

It usually takes several months later for a Hollywood movie to open in Japan – for subtitles, dubbing, etc.  For example, last year’s Academy Award winner, Slumdog Millionaire just opened recently in Japan, about 6 months after its North American release.

10 thoughts on “Summer Movies

  1. I guess we have very different tastes in movies.

    First of all, I think most of Tom Hanks’ movies are over-rated. I didn’t like Forrest Gump or DaVinci Code, for example.
    So, I won’t be watching 「天使と悪魔」 (Angels & Demons).

    I’m not really a Star Trek fan either.

    I do like Clint Eastwood though.
    And I watched his new movie “Gran Torino“.
    Have you seen it? I recommend it.

    • We definitely have different taste in movies, but that’s ok. I’m a geek … for example, so I like sci-fi movies and the Lord of the Rings, which you also think is over-rated from your other comment.

      I have heard of Gran Torino, but have not seen it.

  2. Forrest Gump is over-rated?! Wow, I am speechless right now. You cannot name any other actor who could’ve carried Forrest Gump to the success it received other than Tom Hanks. Anyone else would’ve made the movie a joke. Instead it’s a 6-time Oscar winner and grossed over $670 million worldwide (good for 31st all-time).

    • >it’s a 6-time Oscar winner and grossed over $670 million worldwide

      Yeah, that’s why I think it’s over-rated.
      It was boring and pointless to me.

      Of all of Tom Hanks’ movies, The Green Mile and that one where he was on a deserted island talking to a volleyball (the title escapes me now) were pretty good…despite Tom Hanks, not because of him!

      Big was alright too.

      Lost In Translation and Lord Of The Rings are also way over-rated.

      • Yikes, Lord of the Rings is my favorite book and I thought the movie was well made and is one of my favorite movies – they are making The Hobbit into a movie also.

        The Tom Hank’s movie with the volleyball is Cast Away.

    • Thanks for visiting my site and commenting.

      I think Tom Hanks is one of the few multiple Oscar Best Actor winners (the other one that comes to mind is Jack Nicholson – who some people either really like or hate), so I guess Hollywood thinks highly of his work as well.

  3. Glad to meet a fellow Tolkien fan! The Peter Jackson adaptation was great fun, although I loved the books even more and felt that the movies didn’t really do them justice. Can’t lay all the blame on Jackson, though; short of making a very long, very high-budget television series I can’t see how anyone could fit all of the rich details and seemingly endless backstories from Tolkien’s literary corpus into a live-action adaptation.

    I’m all set to watch the Hobbit project when (or should I say IF) it gets off the ground. Still, when it comes to prequels I’m hoping the producers will eventually dig even deeper into Tolkien’s mythos – like this fellow did ( It’s a long read, but well worth the effort for any die-hard Tolkien fan.

    I’m giving A&D a skip (did the same with the DaVinci Code), mainly because I find the source material objectionable. I’ve just seen Star Trek – not a cerebral film by any standard, but well-made and very entertaining.

    • I’m a big Tolkien fan (he has a new book coming out) and probably read Lord of the Rings more than 10 times – yes, what a geek I am.

      There are not very many movies that are better than the book – and I agree, the movie adaptation was not a good as the book. And since I thought the book was the best, it would have been hard to duplicate in a movie.

      I took a quick read of your blog and it looks like you are a big anime fan (sorry, I am not really an anime fan, although I attended the Tokyo International Anime Fair earlier this year). It also looks like you just visited Japan recently and had a great time.

      Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog and for also taking the time to comment.

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