Roppongi Art Night


From sunset to sunrise for one magical night on March 28, the entire townscape of Roppongi was transformed into a giant canvas of encounters with art, culture, people and wonder.  Fusing an entire town with art, the theme of the Roppongi Art Night was called “Encounters”, with art of all types appeared in a diversity of spots and scenes around town.


Towering 7.2 meters above the crowd at the Roppongi Hills Arena, the Giant Torayan was a gigantic mechanical sculpture created by Kenji Yanobe – it was impressive and actually breathed fire (which I missed taking a picture of, duh!).


Takahiro Fujiwara’s “Giant Rotating Balloon” inside the Roppongi Hills West Walk was a spinning blue balloon with a maximum diameter of 8.5 meters and you felt drawn into a vortex of blue and light.


Fujiko Nakaya’s "Fog and Light" in the Mohri Garden was a fog sculpture, with the cherry blossoms at night shrouded in mist.


Yoshiaki Kaihatsu’s “Styrene Form” exhibit had some strange animals made of polystyrene.


Katsuhiko Hibino’s "Orders from the Cubes", created by young up-and-coming artists, were a number of art cubes (about 20), measured only 2m on a side, with the theme of “Akari" (lighting).  Yes, that’s a real person inside the art cube!



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