Aerial view of Tokyo’s Cherry Blossoms

Finally, to end another wonderful Sakura season (sniff, sniff), a short clip of Tokyo’s best cherry blossom sites, taken by an Asahi’s helicopter from YouTube.  Enjoy!

For those in Japan, did you enjoy the Sakura season this year?  Which places did you visit?


7 thoughts on “Aerial view of Tokyo’s Cherry Blossoms

  1. Nice video.
    I have been to 花見 (Cherry Blossom Viewing) at each of those locations at least once over the years.

    We went to a number of places this year (I’m sure you saw my posts about them on my blog).

    Did you have a picnic with your family under the blossoms this year?

    • Thank you for the comments as always. Yes, I have been following your blog and saw that you enjoyed Cherry Blossom viewing this year.

      We didn’t get a chance to have a picture under the blossoms, we just went to view them.

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog and more importantly leaving a comment.

    I commend you for trying to write your blog in English as I know how difficult that is because I have tried to learn Japanese, without any success.

    Your blog looks interesting, especially your interest in photography as I have recently picked up this hobby myself.

    I have added your blog to my RSS reader. If you don’t mind, I had added your blog to my blog roll as well.

    • I have been living in Tokyo for about 1.5 years. My company, a large global company, sent me here on a 2 year assignment. Before Japan, I was working for many years in Canada.

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