Lalaport Tokyo Bay

LaLaport Tokyo Bay was opened in April 1981 as the LaLaport Funabashi Shopping Center, a 5 minute walk from JR Minami-Funabashi Station using the Keiyo Line from Tokyo station, right beside Ikea Funabashi.

Lalaport1 Lalaport2

In 1988, LaLaport 2 was opened and hosted a variety of interesting features, including a cinema complex and other amenities.  The name, LaLaport Funabashi Shopping Center, was then changed to LaLaport Tokyo Bay and additional entertainment was included.

Lalaport3 Lalaport4

In 2000, LaLaport 3 was established to present a model of advanced urban lifestyle, with LaLaport West opening at the former Funabashi Sogo department store building in 2001.  With this new development, involving a large-scale specialized store, LaLaport was able to supplement various functions which had been difficult to realize in shopping malls.  In 2005, Japan’s first bakery food theme park, Tokyo Bakery Street, was opened in LaLaport East.

Lalaport5 Lalaport6

Today, LaLaport Tokyo Bay is home to 540 stores and 8,200 parking spaces, with a mix of Japanese stores and brand name North American stores such as The Gap, Eddie Bauer, Tommy Hilfilger, Banana Republic, Zara.

Lalaport7 Lalaport8

We have visited this mall twice so far already.  During the first time, we had lunch at a sushi restaurant.

Lalaport9 Lalaport10

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8 thoughts on “Lalaport Tokyo Bay

  1. This LaLaPort was the first one in Japan.
    Now there are five or six of them.

    That Ikea store next to it used to be the world’s largest indoor downhill snow-skiing center.

    You could ski in artificial snow all year round! Now it’s just a home-improvement store. 😦

    I have been to this LaLaPort many times.
    One time, we saw DAIGO there.
    (This post: )

    • I didn’t know there were that many LaLaPorts – we also visited the one in Tosuyo (also in Tokyo) a few months ago, I think I actually took some pictures of that mall as well.

      • LaLaPort malls in
        Yokohama, and

        The one in Funabashi was first (and is the best one, I believe).

        I don’t like that Ikea next to it…whenever I see it, I think of the indoor downhill ski range that was there.

      • >also in Tokyo

        Toyosu is in Tokyo.
        But LaLaPort Tokyo Bay isn’t in Tokyo. Funabashi is part of Chiba. (The Tokyo Bay separates Tokyo and Chiba).

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