Pocari Sweat

There are many types of (non-alcoholic) bottled and canned drinks that you can buy in vending machines and at convenience stores in Japan.  One of the most popular, which has a very strange name is called Pocari Sweat, first sold in 1980.

Pocari Sweat

A mild-tasting and relatively light sweet drink, it contains water and electrolyte minerals such as, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium and Calcium – to replenish body fluids lost through perspiration.  Like Gatorade, it is recommended as a beverage for physical activities such as sports and exercise.

Do you have Pocari Sweat in your region?  If you do, have you tried it and how do you like it?

A fellow Canadian living in Japan, Eric In Sendai has also blogged about different drinks in Japan:


7 thoughts on “Pocari Sweat

    • You are welcome – you certainly drink a lot :-).

      I don’t know if you consider this a form of “Engrish”, but having a drink with “sweat” in its name doesn’t not sound to appealing to me either.

      According to Wikipedia:

      The first part of the name, Pocari, is from the word ぽっかり [pokkari], which is a mimetic -と adverb glossed as ‘lightly’ (e.g. 雲が空にぽっかりと浮かんでいた, “a cloud floated across the sky”).

        • Well, the “sweat” part supposedly came from “sweat replacement”, i.e. – sports drink electrolyte replacement. The Japanese marketers then couldn’t understand why English speakers didn’t like the name since is came from an English phrase…

    • Thanks for commenting. Your blog post on Coffee in Japan is certainly more extensive and complete compared to my recent blog post in this subject – I’ll have to update that post to include a link to your post.

      • Thanks. Back in the States, before coming back to Japan last July, I’d gotten into coffee in a big way, roasting my own beans and trying to find a way to start my own cafe. None of that went anywhere, but when I first started up my blog, I was still really interested in Japanese coffee drinks. Now, my budget has tightened (I spend all my money of Gakken’s build-it-yourself kits) and I just content myself with Nestle’s 900 ml ice coffee from the supermarket. Maybe when my budget improves, I’ll start sampling more coffee drinks again.

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