Ume Yume Festa

The Ume Yume Festa, featuring yosakoi and hip-hop dance, music performances and a flea market with over 100 booths, was held on February 8 and 22, 2009 in Umegaoka Shotengai, Setagaya near Tokyo.

Umeyume1 Umeyume2

Both old and young participated in the performances, with a cultural contrast from traditional Japanese dance …

Umeyume3 Umeyume4

… to modern hip-hop dance.

Umeyume5 Umeyume6

The highlight was a performance and parade through the streets by the Komazawa University Ducky Marching Band.


The nearby Hanegi Koen (park), with its 700 plum trees, attracted many people to sit in the park, eat and drink, and enjoy the plum flower blossoms.

Umeyume8 Umeyume9

Below are close-ups of a couple of the plum blossoms (ume).

Umeyume10 Umeyume11


7 thoughts on “Ume Yume Festa

    • Thanks for visiting my site and more importantly, taking the time to leave a comment – much appreciated.

      Isn’t it amazing that I blog about hip-hop dancing during a local festival in Japan and you are a famous hip-hop dance instructor in Hollywood, USA – the world is truly “flat”!

  1. I feel you on that one. The world is truly flat. Thank you for sharing and if u have anymore great videos please let me know.

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