Almond Cafe

Earlier this year, TokyoFive wrote about the closing of Almond Cafe in his blog.  Opened over 60 years ago, the landmark Almond Cafe is a popular meeting place due to its very convenient and prominent location at the Roppongi Crossing in Tokyo, Japan – not to mention its distinct pink and white awnings.

Almond Cafe 1

Below is a picture of the newly relocated Almond Cafe, which is behind its original location, less prominent facing a side street.

Almond Cafe 2

According to the sign, an Italian restaurant will open in the original Almond Cafe location in the future.


3 thoughts on “Almond Cafe

  1. > So, it’s moved now?!

    Yes, Almond Cafe is now open again.

    > After all these years, I wonder why they couldn’t stay at the same location.

    Probably due to economics – I can only guess that the rent in the new location is probably far cheaper than the original one located in Roppongi Crossing.

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