Sweet Potato KitKat

Japan is famous for its exotic food such as sushi.  But in Japan, you can also find cool snacks and drinks.  One example is KitKat – how about Sweet Potato KitKat?  Well, I love sweet potatos and chocolates so I decided to give it a try.


Because of the name of the flavor, this KitKat is usually given to those writing their college entrance exams for good luck (there is another one for high school entrance exams).  Opening the box, you find 2 packages and as you can see from the picture below, it is a white chocolate covered KitKat – yum!  Well, it tastes like a regular KitKat and I must admit, with a hint of sweet potato.  Not bad, I liked it (but of course since I have a sweet tooth).


Anyway, a recent blog post by TokyoFive has excellent coverage of all the different types of KitKats available in Japan – you’ll be amazed at how many there are.  Do visit his site and have a read.

Stay tuned for more strange snacks and drinks in future blog posts.


8 thoughts on “Sweet Potato KitKat

  1. i could never eat that! i don’t like sweet potatoes… i went to a new restaurant in largo called the sushi spot… i had california rolls, a red dragon roll, a volcano roll and a 007 roll… they consisted of maguro, hamachi, sake, ika, uni, amaebi, uzura and masago… and i tried some unfiltered cold saki…

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