2008 Social Networking Statistics

Before I started my international assignment to Tokyo, Japan, I decided to use social networking tools to stay connected with family, friends and colleagues back home in Canada.  I dubbed it my own personal Web 2.0 experiment.

As the year recently ended, I wanted to summarize my 2008 statistics from the various social networking applications that I have actively used:

  • 123 public blog postings on WordPress – an average of about 2.4 posts per week
  • 146 friends and 87 picture albums (estimated 3,000 photos) on Facebook
  • 56 videos uploaded to YouTube
  • 56 tweets on Twitter – started very late in 2008
  • 22 connections on LinkedIn

I have used Facebook mainly for pictures and status updates (now also using Twitter for short status updates), and blogs for written text supplemented by pictures and videos.

Data privacy and security is important to me.  My Facebook and Twitter security settings are set so that my profile and data/pictures are only visible to “friends” and not available publicly – this is the reason that I do not use Facebook applications which need to share data.  On public sites like WordPress and YouTube, I am very careful not to disclose any private or personal information, you will not see me or my family in any pictures or videos.

I am quite satisfied with the sense of connection and networking so far, as I have fully embraced Web 2.0.  As I always write, please keep in (virtual) touch.

logo_wordpress logo_facebook logo_youtube logo_twitter

4 thoughts on “2008 Social Networking Statistics

  1. thanks is all that I’d say. you do a great job showing the rest of us what Tokyo is all about. I wish I could get back there soon because I miss it like nothing else.

    Maybe you should use flickr n share pics for non-friends too – just selective pics that is. Think about it – we are waiting with baited breath 🙂

  2. Prasoon, wow, thanks for the very kind comments, I really appreciate it.

    Yes, I will definitely think about using Flickr (I am very familiar with this site) to post some of my pictures, especially now that I have a new DSLR camera :-).

    You have to patient with an old man like myself, trying all these new technologies (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr) aimed at young ones like you.

  3. How do you have time for all of those sites?
    I just use WordPress and occasionally YouTube.

    (Actually, I can’t see what the point of MySpace, FaceBook, and Twitter is!)

  4. I’m not on MySpace, but I do use Facebook daily – about 5 minutes a day – as a way to connect with people. I also use it mainly to upload pictures (some people use Flcker, Kodak Gallery, etc.). I just started using Twitter so I am not using it much.

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