Good reference book about living in Tokyo

Although quite pricey, I would recommend the book about living in Tokyo titled Tokyo: Here and How: An Expat’s Guide to Finding Your Path in the City and Beyond. Handbook and Directory by Tokyo American Club Women’s Group, 2007, published by Alexandra Press.

Tokyo book

If you are a member of the Tokyo American Club (don’t ask about the fees), you can get this book for free.


4 thoughts on “Good reference book about living in Tokyo

  1. I’m not a member either. Even if I was, I probably wouldn’t go there often…I’m not one for joining clubs.

    But I don’t think nationality matters, even though it’s called an American club.
    A number of years ago, before there was any Halloween in Japan to speak of, I wanted to take my kids somewhere for the holiday (they were little then)…I figured (correctly) that the Tokyo American Club would have a Halloween party…
    but we couldn’t go—everything there is for “members (and their guests) only”.
    I asked how to get a membership (just so my kids could go to the party)…first, you have to get recommended by a current member (I don’t know anyone who is), then the board members interview you…and if they “approve” you, you pay their steep membership fees and you’re in.

    Definitely not worth it to me!

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