Illuminations of Tokyo

Although Japan does not celebrate Christmas (December 25 is not a holiday), you will find many areas around Tokyo with spectacular lights, or illuminations, to mark the season.  Typically, these lights can be enjoyed between mid-November and December 25, although a few stay on until January or February.

Below is just a sample.  I’ll let the pictures and videos speak for themselves.

Illumination Terrace City Shinjuku

Illumination 1  Illumination 2

Artelligent Christmas Illumination Roppongi Hills

Illumination 5  Illumination 6

Tokyo Midtown Christmas

Illumination 7  Illumination 8

Caretta Blue Ocean Xmas Shiodome

Illumination 9  Illumination 10

Tokyo Dome City Winter Illumination

Illumination 11  Illumination 12

Lalaport Tokyo Bay Shopping Park

Illumination 3  Illumination 4

More pictures on my Facebook.  Aren’t these cool, eh?


4 thoughts on “Illuminations of Tokyo

  1. You went to the LaLaPort mall in Chiba?
    It’s the first (and best) of the LaLaPort malls!

    Did you see that IKEA store nearby? Not too many years ago, it used to be the world’s biggest indoor skiing center was in that spot (where IKEA is now).

  2. >> You went to the LaLaPort mall in Chiba?

    Yes, that’s the one. I understand there is another one in Tokyo.

    >> Did you see that IKEA store nearby?

    Yes, we actually had dinner there after buying a few items in the store. Also, earlier this year, we bought most of our furniture at that Ikea store.

  3. Yes, the Tokyo LaLaPort is in Toyosu near Ginza.

    And I’ve never been in that (or any other) IKEA.
    I liked it better when that indoor skiing was there! 😦

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