Hollywood stars in Japanese ads

Hollywood stars have global appeal.  Here in Japan, it is no different as famous Hollywood stars have appeared in Japanese advertisements selling drinks, cars, phones, electronics, etc.  Have you seen the movie titled “Lost in Translation” with Bill Murray.  He played a movie star who traveled to Tokyo to shoot a commercial for Suntory Whiskey.

Currently, Tommy Lee Jones is probably the most prominent star with his face shown on Boss coffee ads as seen in vending machines and billboards throughout Tokyo and the rest of Japan.

Tommy Lee Jones Boss Coffee

Here is Olivia Munn in a YouTube video trying to talk to a Tommy Lee Jones billboard in Tokyo 🙂

Other recent big Hollywood stars are Cameron Diaz for Softbank (yup, I signed up with them for my cellular phone) and George Clooney for Honda Odyssey (no, didn’t buy this car).

Cameron Diaz Softbank Ad  clooney_honda_ad 

Which Hollywood stars are most prominent in the ads in your part of the world?

2 thoughts on “Hollywood stars in Japanese ads

  1. Yeah, I mentioned Tommy Lee Jones‘ Japanese ads (and the movie Lost In Translation) at the end of this post:


    Tommy Lee Jones ads are pretty good. He portrays a Japanese blue-collar worker…and it’s pretty good.

    You didn’t mention Brad Pitt‘s recent ads for Softbank.
    Brad Pitt used to do commercials here (Japan) for Edwin jeans. He was supposed to say 「ゴ・マル・イチ」 (“Five-oh-one”) in Japanese…but he couldn’t get it even after numerous takes. So they aired the commercial with him slaughtering the language.

    Arnold Swarchenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Tom Hanks, Jodie Foster, and so many more have done TV ads here.

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