Man Bag

While in Tokyo, I have begun to carry a “man bag” during weekends (during workdays, I carry a laptop bag) as I don’t seem to have enough pockets to carry all my “stuff”.  I noticed that a lot of men in Tokyo carry one.  So I bought a small bag from Tokyu Hands, a Japanese department store, and below is a picture.

 Man Bag

What do I carry in my man bag you ask?  Well, here is a picture of its normal contents or my stuff.

Man Bag 1 

Contents include:

  • Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ3 digital camera (plus extra battery and memory card)
  • Cellular phone
  • House key
  • Pocket calendar
  • Pen
  • Samsung YP-T9J MP3 player
  • Mintia breath mints
  • Tokyo subway map
  • Tissue
  • Eye glasses
  • Sunglasses (not shown in picture)

I guess I carry a lot of stuff.  To carry even more stuff, I use a regular backpack.

Do you carry a man bag?


17 thoughts on “Man Bag

  1. I do! I have a few actually! I don’t carry one during the weekdays as I always have my backpack that holds my laptop, but on the weekends, they’re indispensable things. I carry much of the same things as you too. Although sunglasses in Vancouver this time of year is only for the posers out there 🙂

  2. I completely understand. Since I’ve moved to Japan I’ve started carrying one as well. Just change the MP3 player to an iPod, the camera to a Canon, Sendai train stuff instead of Tokyo. Minus the glasses and I carry exactly the same. I got mine at Uniqlo.

  3. hi i got have to say i get all my bags in japan i have a vivianne westwood trashprint bag, green label relaxing bag and my personal favourite a porter bag couldnt live without them they all save my life on a daily basis

  4. Yes, I do. I carry lots of gadgets too. Sometimes a book, my sunglasses and a notebook with a pair of pens. I’d like to think of it as a small messenger bag though.

  5. Oh i love that man bag you got from Tokyo..whats the model brand name?……. i Want that one how much??? is it on ebay or online to buy

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog. I don’t know the model, but the brand is Bose. I bought this in the Tokyu Hands department store in Shinjuku (Tokyo) for about 5,000 yen ($50).

  7. hi what is the dimensons roughly 26cm you think by 5cm?? its hard online to size them don’t want it to small .huh

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