Tokyo Subway Manner Posters

Even though Tokyo subways are generally very crowded, I haven’t observed much bumping or rude behavior at all, and the trains and stations are also quite clean.  I wrote about Tokyo subways in a previous blog post.

Tokyo Metro launched a series of ads this year to remind subway riders of “manners”.  Every month, a new manner poster is displayed on all subway stations.  The latest reflects the current autumn weather (although I have no idea why they have snow in the poster at this time of the year) and the Japanese love for the game of golf.  Notice again, the English text in the poster.


I’ll post previous month’s posters below as well.

Tokyo-subway-manner-1 Tokyo-subway-manner-2 Tokyo-subway-manner-3

Tokyo-subway-manner-4 Tokyo-subway-manner-5 Tokyo-subway-manner-2a

Updated 12/08/08:  See a recent article in titled “Japanese commuters told to be courteous as standards fall“.


8 thoughts on “Tokyo Subway Manner Posters

  1. At first I thought the mountain one was referring to the woman who’s eating on the train? It’s quite ironic, because you’re not supposed to do that either, and they don’t even mention that in the small print of that ad..

  2. >At first I thought the mountain one was referring to the woman who’s eating on the train

    It’s referring to her, too. 「山でやろう。」 (Do it on the mountain)…”It” meaning laying out all your hiking gear and having a picnic.—so it’s saying not to inconvenience other passengers by eating on the train or letting your baggage get in the way of others.

  3. heya 🙂

    I figured that out from the ” do it on the mountain “, but I was referring more to the small print that only mentions “please be considerate of others when holding bulky belongings”…

  4. Thanks for the comments and good discussion.

    I guess everyone may have their interpretation or focus on different aspects – which is a sign of a good sign (pardon the pun).

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