Japan in The News: Tokyo tops Michelin Restaurant Guide

Paris is well known for its high culinary restaurants. 

A total of 173 restaurants in Tokyo earned a least a single star in the latest edition of Michelin Guide, a famous guidebook that rates restaurants around the world.  Nine restaurants were graded with three stars which equals that of reigning champion Paris.  Tokyo boasts the highest number of total stars with 227.

Michelin Guides Director Jean-Luc Naret and Michelin Japan President Bernard Delmas pose for photographers during a press conference unveiling the “Michelin Guide Tokyo 2009” in Tokyo.  Picture courtesy of Mainichi.


Full news stories can be found below:

Although we don’t eat at the fancy restaurants which were probably highly rated in the Michelin Guide, we find food in Japan generally of higher quality (not to mention the better service) even in the cheaper local joints.


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