50th Anniversary of Meiji Jingu’s Reconstruction

This year is the 50th anniversary of Meiji Jingu’s reconstruction, after it burnt down during the war in 1945.

In the difficult times after the war, many people contributed donations for the reconstruction of Meiji Jingu, and in the night of October 31, 1958, the divine spirits were transferred to the new shrine buildings.

Meiji Shrine 1  Meiji Shrine 3

Usually the shrine precinct is closed with sunset, but for two days it was open until late evening to commemorate this anniversary. On a special stage in front of the main shrine building, Hogaku and Hobu (Japanese classical music and dance) as well as Noh and Kyogen (Japanese traditional theatre) were performed in honor of the deities.

“Akarium” was an artistic illumination of Omotesando, all the way from there to the inner shrine buildings.  As well, a parade was held on the evening of November 1 along this route.

Meiji Jingu 4  Meiji Jingu 3

Below are three videos I posted on YouTube of the colorful evening parade (sorry, not the best lighting).


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