Tokyo International Film Festival 2008

TIFF 2008 poster

The 21th Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) is being held in Roppongi Hills and Bunkamura (Shibuya) from October 18-26, 2008.

This year’s theme is ecology stressing the importance of preserving the global environment, with the tagline “Ecology = Preservation of Earth’s Environment“.  The green carpet was made from recycled plastic bottles, which replaced the traditional red carpet.  As well, there were plenty of Toyota (the official event sponsor) hybrid cars on display and was also used to transport the celebrities to the green carpet event.

The festival opened Saturday, October 18, 2008 in Tokyo with Prime Minister Taro Aso among around 300 guests who walked the green carpet in Roppongi Hills.  There were many Japanese stars, but only Hollywood actors Julianna Moore (see picture below, which is not a good picture since there was a billboard to my right and 3 rows of people and the emcee in front of me), starring the thriller Blindness, and Jon Voight, who heads an international jury to select the winner of the Tokyo Sakura Grand Prix from among 15 movies selected from 690 films from 72 countries and territories, attended.


With 315 films in this year’s festival (see the TIFF website for a complete list of movies), Red Cliff, a Chinese epic directed by John Woo, kicked off the screening on Saturday evening after the green carpet.  Wall-E by the Disney  PIXAR closes the show on Sunday, October 26.  I think both movies have been out for a few months elsewhere – movies do seem to open later in Japan normally.


News coverage about the Green Carpet opening ceremonies can be found in Japan Today.  Below is a short YouTube video of the green carpet.


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