Shinagawa Syukuba Festival

Held last weekend this year, the Syukuba festival is held annually in the late summer in Shinagawa, Tokyo.  The highlight of this festival is a 600 strong parade of marching bands, cheerleaders, clowns, and locals dressed in Edo-era costumes.

Syukuba01  Syukuba02

Syukuba03  Syukuba04

As with any festival in Japan, there were lots of food stalls and street vendors …

Syukuba05  Syukuba06

… and the entertainment was a wide variety of performances by taiko drummers, geishas and a karate exhibition.

Syukuba07  Syukuba09

Syukuba08  Syukuba10

There were cheerleaders from JAL (who I think was the primary sponsor for the event) and they even had a bingo game to give away some small prizes to the towns people.

Syukuba11  Syukuba12

Finally, this was indeed a family event as there were also a lot of activities for the children.

Syukuba13  Syukuba14

More videos can be found in YouTube under bartman905.

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