Roppongi Hills Summer Events

During the summer at Roppongi Hills in the heart of Tokyo, Japan, a variety of events were held at the Roppongi Hills Arena near the TV Asahi building.  The events featured live performances, sporting events, exhibits, food and drinks.

The biggest event was the 5th year anniversary of Roppongi Hills and one of the feature performances was by an Australian troupe called Strange Fruit.

RH Event 02  RH Event 03

Events like the Spring Festival, Beer Fest and Italian Wine Festival featured lots of food and drinking (naturally) …

RH Event 01  RH Event 00

RH Event 04  

… while events like Hula Hawaii, Stars of Steel Festival, Tokyo Aquario and Professional Beach Volleyball had live performances and exhibits.

RH Event 06  RH Event 07

RH Event 13  RH Event 14

Asia was featured several times with events like the Thai Fruit & Food Festival and the month long Asian Festa.

RH Event 05 RH Event 09

RH Event 08  RH Event 10

Finally, the Japan premiere of the new Sex & The City movie was also held one evening, although none of the stars of the movie made it 😦 … check out our new car πŸ™‚

RH Event 11  RH Event 12

It was a great summer at Roppongi Hills – until next year!



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