Rice Reaping

Last weekend, we attended a rice reaping event held at a roof top garden in one of the Roppongi Hills buildings.  There were about 100 people, many young children, who attended, as well as some press coverage.  The children (and some adults also tried) were able to take part in the activities.

Rice Reaping  Rice Reaping 1

Rice is a basic staple food in Japan and in most Asian countries so it is an important part of the diet, eaten almost daily.  More importantly, you need it to make sushi (^_^).

A company from Kyoto (sorry, I don’t know the name) explained and demonstrated to all the participants, in Japanese (no translation), on the process to reap the rice from the fields.  First step is to use a curved knife to cut the rice stalks from the field.

Rice Reaping 3  Rice Reaping 4

You then tie the stalks together, split it and hang to dry on a horizontal pole as shown below.

Rice Reaping 5

Once dry, you use a special machine to remove the rice grains from the stalk.

Rice Reaping 7  Rice Reaping 8

Finally, using a stick and a plastic bottle, you pound the rice grains to remove the husks.

Rice Reaping 9  Rice Reaping 10


5 thoughts on “Rice Reaping

  1. We attended this rice reaping event last Saturday, September 13, 2008.

    I just came back from the Yabusame event in Katakura held this afternoon (Tuesday, September 16, 2008) – blog, pictures and videos to be posted soon.

  2. So you went to the 流鏑馬 (Yabusame)?
    Didn’t you have to work?

    Anyways, did you get there early and get a good spot?
    How’d you like it?

    I’ve seen Yabusame there and other places around Tokyo many times. It’s fun to watch!

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