Paramount DVD promotion

Just recently bought the new Transformers movie on Blu-ray.  It came with a mail-in certificate to save on your next purchase.  Cool, I’ll buy a new movie and save $10, but to my surprise, you had to get the same title on another format.

Now let’s think about this.  Why would I want the same movie in two different digital formats – DVD and Blu-ray?  Am I missing something and have become stupid in my old age?  This is the dumbest offer I have seen.

Transformers DVD


3 thoughts on “Paramount DVD promotion

  1. Or I guess if you had the DVD version and wanted to “upgrade” to the Blu-ray version – in this case, you must really, really like the movie!

    I bought the Blu-ray version so I’ll pass on this fantastic offer (^_^)

  2. Questioning the true intentions behind those promotions is never futile. Look if your Blue-ray package has some strange smell, it may be cat(/astrophy) magnet (or have any other sophisticated self-destruction technique) so they ‘know’ you’ll need another version anytime soon πŸ˜›

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