Google Chrome Beta

After about a day of using the new Google Chrome Beta, I am very impressed with this new browser and have made the switch from Firefox – no crashes and all web sites have been rendered with no problems so far.Β  Similar to Firefox, it has a tabbed window feature, and its interface is very clean as you can see from this screenshot.


The above shows a new tab, where it lists your most visited pages, recent bookmarks and recently closed tabs.

Have you tried the new Google Chrome web browser yet?Β  If yes, thumbs up or down?


One thought on “Google Chrome Beta

  1. Yes, just tried it today. Especially by clicking the ‘+’ will show a new tab where it previews my ‘Most Visited’ sites. I love this feature. Very handy! I noticed that for every new tab it actually created a new process. Chrome tries to prevent crashing other existing tabs in case it happens, but the extra memory usage for each process concern me a bit. Haven’t fully explored all the features yet, but the new UI is quite present.

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