Evolution of my blog

As I sit in my high-rise apartment balcony on a warm weekend summer night enjoying a local Japanese brew and the Tokyo evening skyline, I look back to my older blog posts and reflect on how my blog has evolved.

My early blog posts were text only.  Then, I added a picture to some of my blog posts.  More recently, I have included several pictures (one recent post had 18 pictures – do you think I overdid it?).  Now, my posts contain pictures as well as videos – I had a few videos on my Facebook (which is restricted with privacy settings) and recently added videos to the more public YouTube.  I haven’t experimented with picture slideshows.

So what’s next?  An interactive blog?  Anyway, I look forward to the future and the sure changes it will bring.

PS.  I noticed I have regressed in this blog post – only text πŸ™‚


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