Japan Prime Minister Resigns

Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda announced Monday that he will step down, citing a political stalemate in his efforts to implement key policies amid sagging support ratings, a move that comes less than one year after he launched his government and just a month after reshuffling his cabinet.

Since the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) won big in the general election of September 2005 under Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, this is the third time in recent years that Japan has seen its prime minister step down without a general election being called.

Fukuda, the son of former Prime Minister Takeo Fukuda, took over the government from Shinzo Abe on Sept 26 last year after Abe resigned abruptly for health reasons, having himself taken over from Koizumi a year earlier.

Lots of news coverage:

Only a few days earlier, Japan had unveiled an economic plan as inflation hits decade high.


2 thoughts on “Japan Prime Minister Resigns

  1. I watched NHK this morning, they just officially annouced 5 candidates to fight for that PM spot on Sept 22. Who do you think the next PM of Japan? Do you think the lady 小池 will have a chance? Or most likely will be 麻生太郎?

  2. Yes, looks like 5 candidates have thrown their “hat into the ring.” for the top post.

    I really haven’t been following it too closely so I don’t know who will win.

    I just hope it is the best candidate as they will have some tough challenges ahead, especially with the Japanese economic problems.

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