100 Yen Shops (百円ショップ)

Dollar Stores are very popular in North America.  The Japanese equivalent are called 100 Yen Shops (百円ショップ hyaku-en shoppu), as the exchange rate is about 100 Yen = $1.

There are thousands of 100 Yen Shops across Japan, ranging in size from multi-storey “department stores” to small corners in shopping malls.   The market leader is Daiso, which operates over two thousand stores nationwide and pursues an aggressive expansion policy.

Pictured below is one of the largest Daiso 100 Yen shops in central Tokyo on Takeshita Dori, just a few steps from Harajuku Station (Harajuku, a very interesting area in Tokyo, will be topic for a future post).   I believe you can find Daiso stores now in North America.


Both quality and selection found in the 100 Yen stores in Japan seem to be better than those I have seen in Canada.  In the 100 Yen stores, you can find kitchenware, tableware, tools, gardenware, stationary, toys, sporting goods, household goods, etc.


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