Nintendo Wii outsells PS3 3-to-1 in Japan in July

TOKYO (Reuters) – Nintendo Co Ltd’s Wii video game console outsold Sony Corp’s PlayStation 3 by more than 3-to-1 in Japan in July, a game magazine publisher said.

Nintendo sold 171,851 units of the Wii in the four weeks ending July 27, compared with 54,823 units of the PS3, Enterbrain said on Friday.

In the handheld game market, Sony sold 256,765 units of its PlayStation Portable in the month, while sales of Nintendo’s DS came to 217,639 units, the publisher said.


4 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii outsells PS3 3-to-1 in Japan in July

  1. >> Which one’s more popular in Canada (and America)? Wii or PS3?

    Actually, I think in North America, Microsoft’s XBOX360 is the most popular, although I wouldn’t be surprised if the Nintendo Wii has surpassed XBOX recently because of its broad appeal (of all ages).

    >> Did you watch any Japanese 花火大会 (fireworks shows) yet?

    Actually, yes, I watched the Edogawa fireworks over the weekend – I took pictures and a video, will do a blog post later. We also went to the Sumida River event last week, but left early and didn’t see the fireworks.

  2. Hey this blog looks so much prettier than your internal one. Well done! I’m adding it to both my blogroll and my reader.

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