Tokyo Police

Japan has been the center of international news recently with both the G8 Justice and Home Affairs Ministerial Meeting held in Tokyo on June 11-13, 2008 and the upcoming G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit to be held on July 7-9, 2008.

In Tokyo, there is heightened sense of alert, with a lot of police personnel from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department everywhere, including subway and train stations, streets, shopping areas, etc. This gives you a sense of security, although their mascot, called Pipo, will probably not strike any fear with the bad guys or terrorists πŸ™‚

But Japan is a safe country, with relatively little crime. Its policemen and policewomen don’t really have much to do. In fact, it seems that their main role is to give directions to its confused citizens (and tourists). Here is picture I shot in the Ginza district of a policeman’s typical day – most of them carry a map of the area as finding addresses in Japan is not that simple (the subject of a future post).


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