Packaging in Japan

In Japan, consumers buy items that must have great packaging – extra packaging for the interior box, and extra flowery paper for the exterior gift wrapping. And then, you must put your item on to a big bag, and when it rains, it is better to put an extra plastic bag to protect your big bag. Moreover, every single item must be wrapped as well. If you are an environmentalist, this will drive you crazy!

Another example: You visit your typical Tokyo department store basement food market (which I’ll describe in a future blog post). First, the food goes in a plastic container, then it is put in a small, clear, plastic bag (with dry ice if it’s warm out), then it’s put into a store bag. If you walk over to another counter in the same store, they’ll go through the exact same process without even asking if you want to put your purchase in the bag you already have.

Below is a picture of my favorite cookies (Marie cookies), which are almost individually wrapped (well, actually 3). The packaging does keep the cookies fresh so I am not really complaining.


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