Convenience Stores (Konbini)

“See a corner, see a convenience store”, especially in Tokyo.

Do you know there are over 35,000 konbini (convenience stores) in Japan? That’s one for every 3,300 Japanese residents! With large chains like Lawson and Seven-Eleven, these ubiquitous 24-hour retailers (many open 365 days a year) play a major role in daily life in Japan. They usually have surprisingly high-quality prepared food, such as sandwiches, sushi, steamed buns, bread and snacks – very fresh since the food is replaced 3 times a day (see picture below – I love the sandwiches).

Of course, you can also find drinks, candies, magazines, sundries, etc.

In most Seven-Eleven stores, they also have ATM machines which accept foreign credit cards like American Express (handy for cash advances).


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