Japanese Toilets (Washlets)

Japan’s modern Western-style bidet toilets (toire or Washlets as the Toto company calls its products), installed in more than half of Japanese households, are technological marvels with more buttons and features than could ever be figured out. Be careful what you press or you may receive an unexpected drenching πŸ™‚ You will find these kinds of toilets in public facilities such as shopping malls, airport, workplaces, newer restaurants, etc.

There are a number of additional features (depending on the model of course), such as blow dryer, seat heating, massage options, water jet adjustments, automatic lid opening, flushing after use, wireless control panels, heating and air conditioning for the room, etc., included either as part of the toilet or in the seat. These features can be accessed by a control panel that is either attached to one side of the seat or on a wall nearby, often transmitting the commands wirelessly to the toilet seat.

Below is a picture of the toilet in our apartment unit – it is one of those with many advanced features, see the cool control panel above the toilet paper holder (when are we taking off?). Also, the lid automatically opens when you get near it and automatically closes as well after use.

Last blog post was about garbage, now this post is about toilets … what’s going on, dude? This really stinks πŸ˜›


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