Who wants to be a millionnaire?

If you want to be a millionnaire, live in Japan. Yes, Tokyo is an expensive city, but the currency will make you feel rich :-). The current exchange rate is about 100 yen = 1 US$, so simply remove the last two 0s for easy conversion. Below is a picture of the Japanese Yen paper and coins.

In Japan, most people generally use cash, instead of credit cards, even for large purchases – this is very surprising for a modern, industrialized society. Personal checks are rarely used also. People are very comfortable carrying large sums of cash in their wallets (on average, 50,000 to 100,000 yen) – the low crime environment certainly helps.

(PS. I just returned from a visit to Korea and with the exchange rate of 1000 Korean Won = 1 US$, you can be a multi-millionnaire – I am sure there are other currencies in the world with similar exchange rates.)


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