A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink

On a recommendation by a colleague, I read Daniel’s Pink book titled “A Whole New Mind“.

It is a short and very easy read – I finished the book in 2 days. The author succinctly diagnoses the major problems the Western countries are facing: Abundance, Asia, and Automation. Note that Asia is really about globalization and offshoring, and in this sense, he agrees with many of the points that Tom Friedman wrote in his book “The World is Flat”.

During the Information Age, Left Brain thinking was encouraged (ie. in schools, workplace) and flourished. However, the author believes we are now entering the Conceptual Age, where Right Brain thinking will be more important. To his credit, Pink does encourage balanced thinking – that is, we need both our left and right brains to be successful in the near future, thus a “whole new mind”.

For me, this book touched on two topics that I have been talking about for the past few years (see my numerous previous blog posts) – globalization and balance.

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