The Sushi Economy

Based on a referral from a friend, I picked up the book titled “The Sushi Economy” by Sasha Issenberg, published on May 2007 (so pretty new book). This book talks about three things that I am most personally interested these days: Globalization, Economics and Sushi. Well, I accepted my international assignment to Japan to get global experience, makes lot of money (well, not really, but if I convert all my Canadian money to Yen, then I can be multi-millionaire!) and eat lots of sushi (since the Japanese eat sushi every day).

No, it is not a cooking book on how to make sushi, but rather traces the raw fish trade and its history in Tsukiji, Japan and other countries, from Canada as a source to consumers in Tokyo and around the globe. It is an very interesting and entertaining read and I would also recommend this book.

I haven’t yet had a chance to visit the fish markets in Tsukiji but hope to do so soon. I’ll post pictures on Facebook then.

6 thoughts on “The Sushi Economy

  1. Having lived in Tokyo, I always wanted to visit Tsukiji fish market, but I simply did not have a will power strong enough to do so because you have to be there at 5 am to see the action. I look forward to your picture posts. I would be just as happy watching the excitement from the desktop.
    I will also take a look at the book at a local bookstore.

  2. So, did you visit Tsukiji yet?
    (You can have 寿司 (sushi) and ビール (beer) for breakfast!)

    Because there are so many more foreigners in Japan now than in the past (quite alot more than when I first came here only 18 years ago) and so many of those foreigners visit Tsukiji…and a number of them can’t show common courtesy and remember that the seafood is food and not touch it, and Tsukiji is a busy workplace and not get in the way—-Tsukiji has implemented some restrictions on sightseers.

    It was more fun to visit there in the past. But it’s still a recommended visit.

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    Actually, last summer, I had visited Tsukiji in the late morning so I missed all the action 😦

    I don’t know about sushi and beer for breakfast (not sure my stomach can handle it), but we did have lunch there.

    TokyoCooney posted a YouTube video last month which is a good inside look into the Tsukiji fish market.

    Here is the URL:

    (I can’t seem to figure out how to imbed a YouTube video in a WordPress comment field)

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