A few observations on working in Japan

Below are a few observations about the working environment in Tokyo.  In summary, it seems that I have been transported in time about 10-15 years ago (don’t get me wrong, this does not mean it is bad).

1.  Full employment policy – In Japan, layoffs are uncommon and employees usually work for one company in their entire career.

2.  Tele-commuting – Most people work in the office and you will rarely see employees work from home so mobile or tele-commuters are very uncommon in Japan.

3.  Organizational structure – Hierarchical organizational structure is normal or standard in Japan and a matrix environment does not work at all.

4.  Attire – Most men work business suit and ties, actually dark suit and white shirt are most common, even in IT.

5.  Diversity – The business environment is pretty homogeneous – Japanese males.  Even worse, there are not very many women executives.

Again, I am not saying these conditions are bad, as the Japanese culture certainly has a big factor in the business environment in Japan today.  In North America (and Europe) today, we don’t have full employment policy, tele-commuting is common, matrix organizations abound, female executives are well represented, and business casual wear is normal in IT.

Finally, in terms of Global Delivery, I believe Japan is also behind but not too far back – just like other geos, they don’t have a choice, Indian pure plays (like Satyam, Tata and Infosys) are already operating and competing here in Japan.


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