What’s the weather like in Tokyo?

I know it has turned colder in Toronto, but here in Tokyo, it is still relatively warm – I have not worn my coat yet. Just a suit jacket to work and a long sleeved shirt for casual wear. I am told that the temperature in Tokyo ranges from about 5C in the winter (no snow) to 40C in the summer (hot and humid).

It has rained a few times during the past week and the Japanese have a neat way to dealing with wet umbrellas. In front of many buildings, you will see this umbrella contraption (this picture, I took in front of my hotel lobby):

You insert your umbrella in the blue hole on the left (the one on the right is a garbage container), then pull forward and it auto-magically wraps your umbrella in a plastic wrap – no mess, no drips. Neat! Below is a picture of the result – my wrapped umbrella. It is not good form to bring wet umbrellas indoors – alternatively, you can leave your umbrella in a stand in the foyer (I have a picture of this too!).


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